The Golden Man

The Golden Man

A radio play adventure with exciting interactions.


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Climbing giants, greedy gnomes and a golden man swallowed by the Fisser mountains form the frame figures of a fairytale story that takes us back to the legendary time of the region. Accompany Fulgenz and his friends in the mission to stop the greedy gnomes, who are hunting the heart of the Golden Man, and defeat the evil dwarfs with the knowledge of nature. 11 instructive stations full of surprises await you on the adventure trail. Overcome the dangerous mountain path, follow the Eagle into the Eagle's Nest, find the tracks of the gnomes and much more.

Owner of the Quest: Locandy GmbH
Customer: Fisser Bergbahnen
Production: Locandy GmbH
Implementation: Julienne Schult, Locandy GmbH
Script: Thomas Katzlberger, Gerd Pircher, Julienne Schult
Sounddesign and Sound recordings: Gigaphon, Peter Lerf
Illustrations: Gerd Pircher

Narrator: Rick Madewell
Fulgenz: Nils Kretschmer
Hanna: Luisa Wietzorek
Max: David Vormweg
Golden Mann: Werner Wilkening
Eagle: Dirk Hardegen
Lynx: René Wagner
Father: René Wagner
Gnom: Philipp Bösand

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Opinions by other players:

Quest played: The Golden Man.
  • erwischte Gnome 0
  • Caught gnomes 10
  • Start 20/08/2020, 13:50:48
  • Points 18
  • Game duration
  • Game state completed successfully
Abenteuer gespielt: The Golden Mann.
  • erwischte Gnome 0
  • Caught gnomes 0
  • Start 18.6.2019, 10:49:48
  • Points 0
  • Game duration
  • Game state incomplete
Abenteuer gespielt: The Golden Mann.
  • erwischte Gnome 0
  • caught gnomes 10
  • Start 8.8.2018, 15:36:26
  • Points 8
  • Game duration
  • Game state completed successfully

Starting Point

This is how you get to the starting point of this quest:

Getting there:

München – Garmisch – Fernpass – Imst – Landeck – Ried – Fiss
Autobahn München – Innsbruck – Landeck – Ried – Fiss
Ulm – Lindau – Bregenz – Arlberg – Landeck – Ried – Fiss
Ulm – Kempten – Fernpass – Landeck – Ried – Fiss
Bozen – Meran – Reschenpass – Ried – Fiss

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