The Nockalm Road

The Nockalm Road

Your personal companion on the Nockalm Road.


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This guide accompanies you on your journey on the Nockalm Road. He tells exciting and interesting stories in radio play quality around the UNESCO biosphere reserve Carinthia Nock Mountains and the scenic road. Small interactions, such as multiple-choice questions, encourage you to become active yourself and provide further insights into the fauna and flora of the Nock Mountains.


Owner of the Quest: Locandy GmbH
Customer: Großglockner Hochalpenstraßen AG (grohag),
Production: Locandy GmbH
Implementation: Julienne Schult, Locandy GmbH
Script: Julienne Schult, Locandy GmbH
Sounddesign & sound recordings:, Peter Lerf
Image: Großglockner Hochalpenstraßen AG, Photo of larch by Marek Durajczyk (
Narrator: Martin Heckmann
Speik: Bettina Zech

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Starting Point

This is how you get to the starting point of this quest:

The Nockalm Road has its two starting points in Innerkrems and Reichenau. It can be used by both sides. It can be accessed from this two directions.

If you are coming from Spittal or Salzburg, then follow the A10 until you reach Kremsbrücke. Take the L19 towards Innerkrems.

From the Turracher Höhe or Patergassen, follow the B95, the Turracher Straße, until you come to Ebene Reichenau.

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