{{"Log in at Locandy"|i18n:"login_title"}}

{{"Password recovery"|i18n:"login_title_recovery"}}

{{"We send you a link directing you to a onetime login, where you can change your password."|i18n:"login_text_recovery"}}

{{"Send link"|i18n:"login_button_submit_recovery"}} {{"Cancel"|i18n:"login_button_cancel_recovery"}}
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{{"Social login"|i18n:"login_label_social_login"}}
{{"If you register with a social network you don't have to have a password at Locandy. Locandy will not be able to access your private data on the social network. Social login is not available on Apple devices because we currently cannot provide an Apple login."|i18n:"login_text_social_login"}}
{{"Password login"|i18n:"login_label_traditional_login"}}
{{"If you register with a password, you can log in using your username or email."|i18n:"login_text_traditional_login"}}
{{"How should I log in?"|i18n:"login_button_information"}}