A tale of smugglers, rascals and fish in a salt crust

A tale of smugglers, rascals and fish in a salt crust

Do you know what Napoleon wanted in Burghausen? Do you know the place where a jazz legend was arrested? And why is Burghausen a particularly good place for rascals? This GPS walk will take you to interesting places and the most exciting stories in the old town of Burghausen.


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Burghausen old town invites you to a journey of discovery: Find the most colorful emblem of the city. Learn the story of Chet Baker's arrest. Or take a jump over the border & listen to the smugglers' tales of Burghausen.
The GPS CityWalk takes you on a easy walk (2 hours) to the remarkable places of the old town. In between you can become active, take pictures, discover hidden puzzle - or just enjoy.


Owner of the Quest: Burghauser Touristik GmbH, www.tourismus.burghausen.de
Production: Locandy GmbH,
Game development: Nicole Thöni
Implementation: Locandy GmbH
Written and directed by Stephan Barbarino
Sound recordings: RL-Sound, Robert Lenzbauer
Sounddesign: Gigaphon, Peter Lerf
Graphics, steles, flyer, webalbum: Kreativbüro Öller. Ronson. Sarnes
Image editing: Marc Götsch, marcdesign.it

Martin Sabel
Bettina Zech
Werner Wilkening

Text and photo sources:
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More pictures:
Johann Nepomuk della Croce, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart mit Schwester Maria Anna und Vater Leopold, um 1780 http://www.artexpertswebsite.com /pages /artists /artists_a-k/ croce/ Croce_MozartFamilyPortrait.jpg
Public Domain und PD-US via Wikimedia Commons
Burghauser Touristik GmbH
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Archiv Barbarino
Gerhard Nixdorf
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Nicole Thöni, Locandy GmbH

If a photographer could not be identified in time , we are grateful for any suggestions and information .

Music quotes from :
Big Band Burghausen: what does that mean, goodbye to a friend, blue truth
Art Blakey's Jazzmessengers Vol.6
Ku-Max Big Band
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August Junker, „a Bier will i ham“1907
cool'n blue
Dizzy Gillespie, Birks Works

The town of Burghausen and Burghausen Touristik GmbH thanks all friends , interview partners and citizens of the city who actively worked and helped in the development of GPS City Tour .

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Starting Point

This is how you get to the starting point of this quest:

Find the center of Burghausen and park at the town square. The GPS city-tour begins at the town square near the fountain with the lion. You will find an info-board at the start.

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